Customer Overview

  • A client in the reporting application space looking to migrate their existing application hosted on a different Public Cloud Provider
  • The client’s reporting application was facing increased cost as the demand grew, preventing a single cloud vendor lock-in and limiting scalability

Business Challenge

  • Preventing a single cloud vendor lock-in and leveraging Google Cloud’s Marketplace
  • Increasing the application’s agility to scale following a demand increase
  • Migrating the application to the Google Cloud Platform to leverage scalability, agility, and reduced cost
  • Modernize the infrastructure to support continuous delivery for rapid application development
  • Implement robust security measures to protect sensitive data within the cloud environment

Our Solution

Eximietas Design partnered with the client to deliver a comprehensive secure cloud migration solution:

  • Seamless Cloud Migration (GCP): Migrated the application to a GKE cluster with CloudSQL (for PostgreSQL), Redis cache Cluster, Certificate Manager, Cloud Load Balancer, Log Explorer, and other relevant tools.
  • Infrastructure Provisioning: Automated infrastructure provisioning and configuration for consistent and repeatable deployments.
  • Advanced Kubernetes: Built and deployed advanced Kubernetes controller with intuitive dashboards.
  • Istio for Service Mesh: Implemented a service mesh on top of GKE for enhanced observability, traffic management, and security.
  • Robust Security: Secured access to PaaS services like Memorystore and CloudSQL with Workload Identity (IAM Authentication).
  • Helm Deployment: Streamlined application deployment and integration with their existing CI/CD pipeline.

Business Value Delivered

  • Successful Migration: Seamlessly migrated the reporting application to the cloud with minimal downtime, ensuring a 99.9% uptime during the transition process.
  • Streamlined CI/CD: Maintained a continuous delivery pipeline via GitOps and Helm, accelerating application development by 50% and enabling the client to deploy new features and updates 3 times faster than before.
  • Modernized Infrastructure: Leveraged managed PaaS and GKE services for seamless management, allowing the infrastructure to scale seamlessly based on demand. The client experienced a 75% reduction in infrastructure management overhead and a 60% increase in resource utilization efficiency.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: Managed services offered considerable savings of 30% by reducing the need for on-call engineers, resulting in an annual cost saving of $250,000.
  • Increased Revenue: Marketplace listing increased their existing customer base by 20% within the first 6 months, contributing to a 15% growth in revenue.

The Result

By collaborating with Eximietas Design, the client achieved a seamless and secure migration of their reporting application to the Google Cloud Platform. With a modernized infrastructure and streamlined CI/CD pipeline, the client is well-positioned to deliver exceptional services to their growing customer base while ensuring data protection and cost-efficiency.

Senior Director of Technology Says: “Partnering with Eximietas Design was instrumental in our successful cloud migration and security enhancement. Their expertise in GCP, Kubernetes, Pulumi, and Istio allowed us to achieve our goals quickly. The robust security measures provide us with peace of mind, and the streamlined CI/CD pipeline ensures continuous delivery.”