BSP & Drivers Driving innovation through embedded excellence.

Our team of seasoned engineers specializes in creating or adapting Board Support Packages (BSPs) and embedded applications that perfectly align with your specific needs across a wide range of hardware platforms.


Our engineers excel in specific areas such as bootloader and Linux kernel porting, custom device driver development, boot time optimization, and Linux-based application development.


Whether you require a brand new BSP for a unique hardware or seamless porting to a new platform, we’ve got you covered.


We go beyond basic functionality, meticulously optimizing critical aspects such as speeds, boot times and ensuring efficient resource utilization.

Comprehensive Expertise:

Our BSPs encompass essential elements like kernel configuration data, device driver code, and more, ensuring seamless interaction with your hardware.


We tailor each BSP and embedded application to your specific hardware and project requirements ensuring minimal power utilization for those critical use cases