Analog & Mixed Signal Bringing Digital Precision to Analog Realities

We are a team of engineers with proven experience of developing leading edge serial links and sub components that are shipping in high volume server, memory and graphics markets in the latest sub nm process nodes down to 4nm across multiple foundries.

Proven expertise in designing high speed long reach interconnects like PCIe, CXL and Ethernet SerDes using the latest architectures.

  • PLL Architectures
  • AFE/DFE architectures and tradeoffs
  • Deep understanding of adaptation mechanisms
  • Delivered power efficient high speed D2D interconnects down to sub pj/bit power profile
  • Delivered multiple generations of on chip LDOs in latest process nodes for high volume shipment
  • Strong methodology and tool expertise for end to end delivery in multiple process nodes
  • Proven experience of working with leading edge silicon interposer technologies and associated system foundry tradeoffs