Customer Overview

The client is a leading retail company with a global presence operating in a highly competitive market and relies on data-driven insights to stay ahead of its competition.

Business Challenge

  • The client struggled with a legacy on-premises data warehouse that was slow, inflexible, and costly to maintain
  • Siloed data sources and inconsistent reporting hindered timely decision-making
  • The client’s IT team spent excessive time on manual data management tasks
“Our old data warehouse was holding us back. We needed a modern solution to keep pace with our business growth and make data-driven decisions quickly.”

Our Solution

To address these challenges, the client implemented Google Cloud’s BigQuery as their centralized data warehouse solution. They migrated data from multiple sources, including transactional databases and APIs, using Google Cloud Data Transfer Service. Google Cloud Dataflow was used for efficient data processing and transformation. Interactive dashboards and reports were created using Google Data Studio, enabling real-time data visualization and self-service analytics for business users.

Business Value Delivered

  • Reduced data processing time from hours to minutes, enabling near real-time insights
  • Achieved a 40% reduction in data storage costs by leveraging BigQuery’s scalable and cost-effective infrastructure
  • Empowered business users with self-service analytics, freeing up IT resources by 30%
  • Improved data accuracy and consistency across the organization, leading to better-informed decision-making

The Result

By partnering with our company and leveraging Google Cloud’s powerful tools, the client successfully modernized their data warehousing and BI capabilities. This transformation enables them to harness data effectively, gain valuable insights, and make informed decisions to stay ahead of its competition.

“Migrating to Google Cloud has transformed the way we leverage data. We can now access trusted insights quickly, empowering us to make data-driven decisions that drive our business forward.”