MicroArchitecture and RTL design Virtual Platform development

We are an Engineering driven organization with extensive Experience in developing State of the Art ASICs. We have a strong track record of multiple successful Silicon start-up’s; Proven expertise in delivering Silicon from Specification to Qualified parts as a Services provider We offer
Architecture and MicroArchitecture :


  • Requirements Analysis
  • HW/SW Partitioning
  • Power and Performance Analysis
RTL Design :
  • IP Block Design and Development
  • SoC and Sub-system Integration, Lower Power and Power Aware RTL Design
  • RTL Quality Checks: Lint, CDC
  • Protocols: HSIO (PCIe, CXL, UCIe), AMBA protocols (AXI/AHB/APB), Memory interfaces (HBM, DDRx/LPDDRx), Low-speed peripheral interfaces
Emulation :
  • RTL to Bitstream Generation
  • Designing custom FPGA Boards
  • Feasibility study, Architectural Exploration and Design Optimization
  • Experienced on Xilinx, Altera platforms
  • Integrating FPGA based Test Beds for rapid prototyping