Edge AIEmpowering intelligence at the edge of possibility.

Eximietas Design understands the transformative power of AI for embedded systems. We have deep expertise in Edge AI in use of technologies such as TinyML, and use of AI-optimized hardware such as Microcontrollers (MCUs) with AI extensions (e.g. Arm Cortex-M processors with Ethos-U series NPU) or Microprocessors with AI accelerators e.g. NXP i.MX 8M series with NPU or Qualcomm’s Adreno VPU.

Our team of seasoned engineers has a proven track record of developing AI-powered embedded software applications. We leverage federated learning to ensure data privacy while enabling powerful on-device machine learning. Additionally, we can utilize AI for code optimization, reducing power consumption and maximizing performance on low-footprint devices.

Eximietas Design has specific expertise in Edge AI for computer vision and Industrial automation, on device log analysis, predictive maintenance, intelligent automation, and efficient resource management. Partner with us to bring your next-generation AI-powered embedded project to life.