Case Study

Empowering Clinicians with Conversational AI and Cloud Technology

Precision and efficiency are not only desirable but also required in the complex world of clinical trials. Eximietas Design developed and deplyed a ground-breaking AI based solution that revolutionizes the clinical trials matching process with unparalleled precision and ease.


Redefining Clinical Trial Discovery

The technology integrates Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) into a Conversational AI architecture, giving doctors a chat-enabled platform for quickly extracting and analyzing patient clinical information. Our dashboard streamlines the matching process, resulting in 20 times better outcomes and a dramatically improved user experience.



At the heart of the solution is Hypatia, our proprietary RAG-enabled Conversational AI Chatbot plugin. Hypatia prioritizes accuracy and relevancy, providing on-topic responses and smooth involvement. It comes with the Langchain framework, which allows for extensive configuration—from intent categorization to external API calls—ensuring a resilient and flexible system.

Why RAG? 

The RAG model is the foundation of our platform, significantly lowering the likelihood of AI ‘hallucinations’ by incorporating domain-specific knowledge directly into the AI’s context window. This implies you will receive proven and reliable information, which is critical for clinical decision-making.

Seamless Amazon Deployment Architecture

AWS services, including OCR via AWS Textract, normalization and entity extraction via Amazon Medical Comprehend, and a robust retrieval system fueled by LLMs and RAG, were utilized in the design and implementation of the solution. The smooth integration facilitates a more accurate extraction methodology, converting unstructured data into a meticulously structured medical summary of the patient.


The Eximietas solution which has a direct influence on clinician workload and patient care experience, exemplifies AI’s ability to transform healthcare. The solution saves hours of clinician’s time that would have been used to sift through trial criteria.