Physical Implementation Engineering the Future: Physical Implementation with Precision

Eximietas provides a complete suite of physical implementation services spanning across various markets.Our proven experience of decades of building and shipping our own products at startups shaped our methodologies and capabilities leading us to deliver industry leading products. Our customers can be assured of guaranteed first silicon success due to our proven delivery history

Design Team and Experience

Our Team is led by world class experts in Flow development, Floor planning, P&R, Power methodologies, TIming Methodologies, Physical verification at full chip level.

We implemented silicon across leading edge process nodes down to 3nm with complete ownership.


Our design methodology is built from a correct-by-construction concept ensuring quick turnaround time and predictability. With a disciplined and diligent approach to design, we are able to provide accurate timelines and schedules. We build upon the reference flows from leading CAD vendors to accommodate the specific requirements of each our designs.

Our highest priority is to provide first-time silicon success. It is absolutely critical that the physical implementation teams work with other teams such as, the system design team, package design teams, DFT teams to ensure a seamless process.

Design Process for RTL/Netlist to GDSII Handoff

With a defined 3-phase milestone approach with our customers, we are able to identify issues, create solutions and provide feedback to customer teams during the entire physical implementation process and ensure an aggressive schedule to launch without sacrificing quality.

Eximietas takes your design from RTL/Netlist to GDSII and performs all the physical implementation activities in house to achieve a successful launch. This includes synthesis, P&R, STA and physical verification sign off.