High Speed Digital DesignDesigning the future at the speed of light

At Eximietas Design, our board design team boasts extensive experience in the realm of high-speed, multi-layered, multi-CPU, and high-performance board designs.We recognize the complexities and stringent timelines that our clients often encounter. Our mission is to alleviate these challenges, ensuring the delivery of superior quality designs promptly. Our expertise encompasses a wide array of capabilities:
  • Expert schematic capture and manual routing
  • Advanced high-density, multi-layer board designs
  • Comprehensive solutions in digital, analog, mixed signal, power, and RF designs
  • Mastery of high-speed design principles, including crosstalk management
  • Innovative blind and buried via designs
  • Adherence to EMI/EMC design standards
  • Specialization in BGA, fine line BGA, and micro-BGA designs
  • Commitment to RoHS-compliant layout design and fabrication
  • Our team is well-versed in leading design tools, including:
  • Cadence OrCAD Capture, PSPICE, Layout, and Allegro
  • Mentor Graphics