Post Silicon ValidationUnlocking Peak Performance with our Post-Silicon Validation Expertise

At Eximietas Design, we understand that post-silicon validation is the critical bridge between design intent and real-world functionality. Our team of seasoned validation experts leverages a comprehensive approach to ensure your design meets the most rigorous performance and reliability standards.

Our Focus Areas :

Silicon Bring-up and Diagnostics Development:

We carefully take the silicon through the critical initial stages, ensuring proper power-up, clocking, and employ advanced JTAG and boundary scan techniques for a comprehensive initialization check and debugging. Our custom diagnostic routines often include development of custom test benches and scripts, ensuring thorough functional verification across all design modules and interfaces.

Silicon Design Validation & Electrical Compliance:

Leveraging advanced test equipment and expertise in PVT (Process, Voltage, Temperature) corner testing, we thoroughly validate your design against its specifications across various operating conditions. We also perform comprehensive electrical compliance testing, guaranteeing adherence to industry standards like JEDEC and protocols such as USB/PCIe etc.

System Validation: A Multi-Tiered Approach:

Functional Validation: Our meticulous functional validation utilizes a combination of industry-standard test suites and custom-developed test vectors to exhaustively verify your design’s functional correctness across all intended use cases.

Platform Validation: We ensure seamless integration with target platforms, performing in-depth hardware-software co-simulation and platform-specific testing to identify any compatibility issues.

Stress & Stability Testing: Eximietas pushes your design to its limits with stress and stability testing, employing techniques like protocol stress testing and SerDes tuning to uncover potential weaknesses and ensure robust operation under extreme conditions.

Protocol Stress & Interface Characterization: Eximietas goes beyond basic connectivity checks. We employ advanced protocol stress testing tools and custom-designed interface characterization routines to unearth hidden bugs and ensure flawless communication between your chip and external components. Industry-standard compliance testing further guarantees seamless integration within your broader system.

Performance Testing: We go beyond basic functionality, employing advanced tools and methodologies to meticulously benchmark your design’s performance against pre-defined metrics (power consumption, throughput, latency).