Case Study

In the age where information overload meets the need for speed, SpecY emerges as your reliable AI assistant, offering a conversational interface that understands and responds to your document queries with precision and agility. Developed by Eximietas Design on the robust AWS Bedrock platform, SpecY is equipped with advanced plugins to Bedrock LLMs, harnessing the power of AI to bring you the most relevant information with just a few keystrokes.

SpecY isn’t just another document search tool; it’s an intelligent Q&A console that dives deep into the contents of any document, delivering quick and accurate answers. Whether you’re navigating through complex design specifications, dissecting detailed contracts, or seeking clarity in service manuals and process guidelines, SpecY is your go-to solution for rapid insights.

At the core of SpecY’s brilliance is the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) model that provides annotated responses, ensuring that the information you receive is not just fast but also enriched with context and relevance.

SpecY stands as a testament to Eximietas Design’s commitment to ‘Excellence by Design’, promising an AI-augmented future where your interaction with documents is as simple as a conversation. Welcome to a smarter way to handle your documentation – welcome to SpecY.