ASIC & FPGA DesignVirtual Platform development

Our domain of expertise extends from the Consumer market to Enterprise Server and Networking markets. In the Consumer space, we have built low power Digital Signal Processors (DSP), Thin Client ARM-based SOC’s and various codes. In the Enterprise Server segment, we have developed extensive experience in building SPARC CPUs, SPARC and X86 multi-processor cache and memory controllers and so on. We have also built high performance Enterprise Network controllers for 1Gb/s, 10Gb/s and 40Gb/s market segments. If you just have a product idea in mind, we can help you to develop a feasibility analysis. We can develop ASIC microarchitecture, identify functionality that can be easily acquired externally, provide estimates for die-size, power, development cost and a schedule to build, debug and deliver a product that you can ship.

We have been building products for over 25years. In the last 10 years, we have built products at all process nodes from 130nm down to 28nm. For our own products, we have used a range of IP from all the leading IP vendors. They include:

  • CPU cores for control and data plane processing
  • High-speed serial interfaces such as USB, PCIe, Ethernet, SPI4.2
  • Mixed signal IPs such as ADC/DAC, PLLs, DDR PHYs

Our team has also integrated a wide range of third-party IP Blocks from leading IP vendors and ASIC suppliers for the products that we have developed. They include:

  • ARM9, ARM11, Cortex-A9, Cortex-A15 & Tensilica family of cores for control and data plane processing
  • High-speed serial interfaces (SERDES) for PCIe, Ethernet & Optical networking applications
  • Mixed signal interfaces for DVI, HDMI, USB, DDR and so on
  • Mixed signal blocks such as ADC/DAC, PLLs, Temperature sensors and so on
  • Protocol interfaces such as Ethernet MAC/PCS, PCIe PIPE, USB host and device controllers
  • Interconnect fabrics such as AHB, AXI, OCP. Peripheral interfaces such as SPI/UART/I2C/MDIO/NOR/NAND flash
  • DMA controllers and DDR controllers from DDR1 to DDR4

We have developed valuable experience in integrating and customizing all of these IP modules for our product needs.

We have experience building toolchains to speed up silicon debugging, characterization, firmware development, and customer support. We know what it takes to go from first samples to volume production.