Cloud Lifecycle Management with AI & Automation

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Leverage Public Cloud to its fullest extent without getting into technical complexities of the various platforms. No need to write code or to perform manual deployments, monitoring, management & remediation and governance, security & risk-related activities.

Eximietas’ solution takes care of all the hard work with a ‘Zero Code, 100% Automated’ approach coupled with AI-powered insights and actions to make your Cloud usage experience super easy & a truly delightful one.

Public Cloud Adoption Framework + Cutting Edge AI & Automation to deliver:

  • Digital Modernization: Enables automated assessment, migration, architecture blueprint creation & deployment and modernization of applications, infrastructure & data landscapes and thereon ongoing management & optimization as needed.
  • Monitoring & Remediation: Enables automated continuous monitoring of applications and infrastructure health with proactive & preemptive AI-powered insights and remedial actions, cost monitoring & optimization.
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance: Enables automated implementation, management and enforcement of IT governance, cyber & network security and regulatory compliance standards & policies with AI-powered insights and remedial actions.
  • Dedicated Support: 24×7 relentless support from certified, highly trained experts for A3S related issues and for custom development & deployments you can also get Cloud & SAP certified engineers.

Our Core Principles:

  • Automate: Reduce manual effort to the minimum, keep automating all that is possible across all aspects of the Cloud platforms.
  • Simplify: Cut through the clutter with simple and easy to use monitoring, management, optimization & reporting capabilities.
  • Learn: Leverage AI to learn from customers’ Cloud usage to make the solution smarter, ever evolving & learning.
  • Support: 24×7 availability of highly trained, certified Cloud engineers to provide a truly delightful Managed Service experience.

To learn more, please write to us at We’ll be sharing more details with our upcoming blogs. Stay tuned!